Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free OS Diaper at Kelly's Closet!

Just got the new coupon codes for Kelly's Closet! You can get a FREE one size diaper (Guaranteed to be at least a $17 value) with a $59 purchase!! Just use the code LUCKYDIPE at checkout. And shipping is always free over $49. I will be ordering today. I need to get some more Rockin Green (I will be buying Hard Rock this time for our hard water) and I want to try a Happy Heiny Diaper. They are supposed to be fantastic!

You can also use the code MARCHFIVE to receive $5 off a $35 order. You can use the code MARCHTEN to receive $10 off a $100 order. And you can use the code MARCH35 to receive $35 off a $250 order. This deal excludes BumGenius, however, and you cannot use the coupon codes together. Click the Kelly's Closet link to the left to place your order :)

I just placed my order and the Bumgenius 4.0 Artist Series diapers are on sale! I got two artist series diapers (Jet setter and eiffel tower) for $33! Thats a great deal! They are normally $20 each...

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