Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Dipes!

I just got my order in from Kelly's Closet! As usual, they arrived super fast! I ordered the BumGenius 4.0 Artist series that were on sale (2pk for $33) and a Happy Heiny's diaper that I am so excited to try and review! I actually ordered the artist series in the blue and red, but I guess they were out of the red so I got yellow instead. I also got some Rockin' Green in Motley Clean. I hope it takes care of my hard water problems so I can stop using the Calgon water softener.

I was a little disappointed that I did not receive my free diaper with this order. Evidently you cannot use ANY coupon with the Artist Series BumGenius because they are on sale. BumGenius is always excluded from the dollar off and percentage off coupons, but you can usually use the free diaper coupons. Bummer. I emailed them about it and they told me it had something to do with manufacturer restrictions. I assume this is only because they are on sale? I really have enough diapers (I think we have close to 30!) but I cant resist a good sale. Plus, we plan on using these diapers for babies later on, too, so it is good to have more so we can rotate them. I'll let you know what I think of the Happy Heiny's :)

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  1. Hi, I recently stumbled across your blog and enjoy reading your posts! I have a daughter (my first!) who will be 5 months this Tuesday. We just started cloth diapering about 1 month ago, and I am learning as I go!! If you want to stop by my blog I would appreciate any feedback/comments!! Looking forward to hearing more about you and your little man!