Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Year's Worth of Blogging in One Post

It's been a while, blog friends! Over a year in fact....But with another kiddo on the way (It's a GIRL!!) I decided to resurrect the ol' blog. I looked at all my past posts last night and its remarkable how much you forget. I started this blog as, not only a way to share with other cloth diapering mamas, but to journal my life with little man as well. Now, with soon to be two babes, I feel like I need to blog so that  I don't forget a single memory. Here's what I have missed blogging about this past year.

  • Logan got ear tubes last January. ( really has been a LONG time). While it was traumatic for me, it was no big deal for him. 12 minutes, in and out. 
  • Logan is suffering from some serious stomach problems/allergies. We have been waiting to get in to our local Pediatric GI doctor for over 3 months. Our appointment is finally almost here (on Valentine's day) We suspect lactose intolerance and possible Celiac. Praying that Celiac is not on the list. 
  • We found out we were expecting number two in early September. It was a surprise, but a welcomed one. We tried for a while to get pregnant with Logan, so it is crazy that number two was unplanned. 
  • We celebrated Logan's second birthday in September with a Mickey Mouse birthday party! More on that in a future post :) 
  • We found out we were having a GIRL in early December! We secretly hoped she was a girl so we are very excited! Still trying to come up with names. We are leaning towards Everly or Aria. 
  • In early December we spent a long weekend in New York city with the family. 
  • Christmas was more fun than ever. Logan had a blast opening up all of his gifts on Christmas morning. I can't wait until next year! 
  • The Etsy shop is growing! I am coming up on 200 sales, which is far beyond what I ever expected to sell. And I sell quite a bit not on Etsy as well! 

Fast forward and I can not believe it's already February. Logan is growing up too fast, and the new baby will be here before we know it (I am 24 weeks pregnant as of yesterday). And YES, we plan to cloth diaper this one as well! From the day we get out of the hospital, actually. Logan still isn't potty trained, so I will be washing his diapers anyway. That's it for now... but I'll see you soon. I promise :)