Monday, February 28, 2011

First foods, Sleeping through the night, and no more ammonia :)

These past couple of days have been big ones for us. Logan slept through the night for the first time last night, had his first baby food yesterday, and we finally got rid of our ammonia issues once and for all... It's been a great weekend.

Friday night, Logan slept most of the night. He only woke up once and cried himself to sleep. Saturday I had to get up and feed him once, and he cried it out one other time. But last night, we put him down around 10:30 and he slept until 8:30 this morning! We had a huge storm last night, too, that woke both me and the husband up several times....but he slept right through it. I did go in and check on him 2-3 times just to make sure he was still breathing (I am a worrier..I cant help it), but he didn't so much as make a whimper throughout the night. I am so happy, but I hope he keeps it up. He went through a phase around 3 months where he was sleeping around 6-7 hours a night for a while, but then went back to his old sleeping pattern. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday, we gave him his very first taste of baby food...Earths Best Organic Sweet Potatoes. I don't really think he liked it all that much, but I wanted to start out with vegetables so he doesn't get spoiled on the fruits. The pediatrician said she prefers to wait until babies are 6 months to start baby food, but he was showing all the signs that he was ready for something new. He has been getting cereal for a little over a month now and loves it. He doesn't push the food out of his mouth with his tongue anymore, and he opens his mouth and leans toward the spoon. He loves to eat! Plus, all of the books say between 4-6 months, so I thought 5 months was a pretty good age. We are going to give the sweet potatoes a couple of days and then move on to peas. I do plan on making my own baby food with my new Beaba babycook, but I bought a couple of trays of starter fruits and veggies on sale a couple of months ago, so we are going to use those first.

Also, I am so happy to report that we finally got rid of our ammonia stink issues! Thank goodness! Logans rash was so terrible on Friday night, I was almost in tears. I had used Dawn dish detergent to strip my diapers a couple of days before, but I guess since they had so much build up in them from not stripping them well enough in the past, that all the Dawn did was bring the ammonia to the surface and it caused burns on his little bum :( Thankfully, the rash didn't seem to hurt him. So, I stripped my diapers AGAIN on Saturday. This time I did a cold wash with my Rockin Green Soap and Calgon water softener. Then I ran a second hot  wash with a teaspoon of regular blue Dawn dish detergent and a 1/2 cup of bleach and several extra rinses. I know this sounds like a lot of wasted water, but we have a high efficiency washing machine and you only have to do this once a month. It's been two days and even my overnight diapers have no trace of ammonia smell! I am so excited to finally find a stripping method that works for us...It's strange the things you get excited about when you become a parent!


  1. You'll be glad when you get your Rockin' Green Hard Rock. I haven't had to strip since I started using it and it has been 6 months (though I do have to do an occasional soak in funk rock about every month and a half). I'm following from the cloth diaper hop. Hope you get a chance to hop on over to my blog and check it out.

  2. I have got the hard rock once before, and I cuoldnt really tell a difference..But I was alternating between that and classic rock and I didnt have ammonia issues then. Thanks for visiting, love your blog BTW :)