Monday, March 14, 2011

My Little Jumping Bean

Today was my first day back to work since Logan was born. I only work a couple of days a month, but I can already tell it is going to be hard being away from him on those days. My aunt, who helped raise me, watched him, I know he was in good hands!

I guess he missed playing in his jumperoo today because he has been happily jumping away for the past half hour. He only started actually jumping in it a couple of weeks ago. Before then, he couldn't really touch the ground and just kind of sat in it and played with the toys...But now its one of his favorite things to do.

He has developed a weird rash all over his back. It kind of looks like it may be eczema or really dry skin, but it is getting worse every day. I thought he might be having a reaction to something he is eating, but the rash is mostly on his back and not anywhere else. He has a few spots on his legs and chest, too.

I am trying to not be an overprotective first time mother and call the doctor...The first few months after he was born, I feel like I called the doctor every week or so. He had colic then he had reflux, then he wasn't sleeping, then he got bronchitus and wouldn't eat....the list goes on and on. But there has never been anything they can do for him, so I am trying not to waste the money going unless we really need to. I have always been a worrier. Im going to put some cream on it and see how it looks tomorrow.


  1. That looks like what my little one had... she has really realyl dry skin. Our pediatrician recommended using fragrance free everything on her... and he actually recomended Vaseline Intensive Care lotion...which really worked and her back/stomach/legs are clear and not rough and red anymore. I don't know if that will work for your little one or not.

    Would you recommend getting one of those bouncy chair thingies?? I have a 5 month old and have been thinking about getting one for her... I think she will like it, but they are pretty pricey. Just wondering on your thoughts!!


  2. The rash looks a little better today than it did yesterday....Everything we use on him is already "all natural", but it will try the Vaseline lotion and see if it helps :)
    I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the jumperoo...Logan absolutely loves it. He jumps in it for at least a half hour every day, probably more like an hour. I tried to post a video of him jumping on here but it wouldn't upload for me. You might check your local craigslist and see if anyone has a nice second hand one for cheaper?

  3. That doesn't look good girl, I would get it checked out! Hope it clears up soon!