Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Lucky Mama

Isn't my little man cute rockin his little green H&M polo for St. Patrick's day? They have the cutest stuff for babies. Too bad we don't have one close to Lexington. I am so lucky to get to spend each and every day with this sweet baby boy.

Today was a GREAT day...I got to spend the day with my best friend and our two adorable babies. We had lunch at Panera Bread and did a little shopping. I got Logan some much needed spring clothes and an outfit for Easter at Tj Maxx. I also got a few tops for myself.... and a new mirror for the bedroom...I cant resist a good bargain.

The kids, for the most part, cooperated with our little shopping spree...but got cranky towards the end because they had not napped. Every time Lylah would cry, Logan would cry...When she slept, he slept. My little copy cat. We think they will get married one day.

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