Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Rumparooz, Happy Heiny's, and Oh Katy diapers! and New Kelly's Closet Coupons

A couple of weeks ago, I placed another order with Kelly's Closet. Like I needed any more diapers. BUT they were running a special and I needed some more Rockin Green, so I couldnt resist. The Husband has been saying that we should get a red diaper, so I ordered this Rumparooz g2 one size diaper in crimson.

I also ordered another Happy Heiny in black. The Happy Heiny's have been the husband's favorite brand we have used so far. And they come in such pretty colors.

And they were running another free one size with purchase special. I NEVER order when they aren't running a free diaper special. They do this at least once a month. The last few times I have ordered I received plain ol' white Kawaii diapers as my freebie. This time, they sent me this beauty:

LOVE it! Actually, I love it so much, that I bought 2 used Oh Katy's that a facebook aquaintance was selling. I now have close to 35 diapers I would say. I haven't really counted, but it's alot. People tell me that I must be spending more on cloth diapers than I would have had we used disposables, but that is simply not the case. Considering most families spend between $1500-$2000 on diapers per child, we are still saving a TON of money. Plus, we plan on using these diapers on future children as well.

I do have a couple of diapers I am looking to sell. I have 2 aplix Kawaii diapers ($10 each + shipping) and 2 Fuzzibunz in white and mint green ($12 each + shipping) if anyone is interested :)

And while we are on the subject, here are the current Kelly's Closet coupon codes:

FLATSCHALLENGE - free one size diaper cover with $49 purchase (at least $13value)
MAY5- $5 off a $35 purchase
MAY10- $10 off a $100 purchase
MAY35- $35 off a $250 purchase

All $ off coupons exclude Gro-via, Hemp Babies, Econobum, and BumGenius. And you can not use ANY coupon with the current Bumgenius sale, including the free diaper cover coupon.


  1. Are the fuzzibunz one size or sized?? Just curious! I might take you up on the kawaii, They fit my Abigail wonderfully!

  2. All of them are one sized...We have two Fuzzibunz with snaps, mint green and cream..and 2 Kawaii with Apliz, both cream. The Kawaii fit Logan really well, too...Im just not a fan of the velcro closure. Sticks to all my other laundry in the washing machine :)

  3. O ok... I have Kawaiis but they are snaps. not sure about the aplix!