Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Extreme Couponing...

Well, maybe not extreme couponing, but I did get some free stuff :) Our grocery bill is through the roof for such a small family, so I have been inspired by the crazy people on that silly show to start using coupons. I do not, however, feel the need to dumspter dive for coupon inserts or build a stock pile that takes over my entire house. I just like to get stuff for free. I got all this completely FREE this week when we went shopping. We won't some of the products, but theywill be donated to someone who needs them. Here is the breakdown for those of you who have asked how I did it:

Nivea body wash- I had a $3 manufacturers coupon for any womens Nivea body wash from the paper a couple of Sundays ago. It is on sale at Kroger for $2.49...SO I made .50 cents on this one!! They are also $3 at Walmart.

Ivory Soap and Body wash- This weeks paper had a $1 off coupon for any ivory body wash or soap. They are both on sale at Kroger for $1.00. So they were free. CVS also has ivory bar soap on sale for 99 cents.

Safeguard bar soap- These are also on sale at Kroger for $1, so with my $1 coupon from the P&G insert in this Sundays paper=free.

Seventh Generation paper towels-I found a $2 off 2 coupon on a package at the grocery store. So I bought 4 rolls that were on clearance for .89 cents a piece. 4x.89= $3.66 - $4 in coupons = .44 cents in profit! You can also download 7th generation coupons from their website.

Nivea lotion- On sale for $4.08 at Target. Using a $1 coupon from this weeks paper and a $3 off coupon from Target.com, I got this for 8 cents. (Couponing lesson #1: You can stack (use both) a manufacturers coupon AND a store coupon on one item to get better savings)

Also great deals, but not free:

Dawn dish soap for 49 cents- They are on sale for .99 cents at rite aid, so with my .50 cent coupon from this weeks paper, they are .49 cents.

Womens Schick Quattro Razors- These are on sale, BOGO free at Kroger for $6.49. I had coupons for $2 off any one package. I could use one on each package. $6.49-2.00-2.00= 2.49 for 2 packages of razors.

7th generation diapers- On clearance for 4.99 at Kroger. Using a $1 coupon I downloaded from the 7th generation website, I got 2 packages for 3.99 each. (These are for a baby shower, because as you know, we cloth diaper. When we do have to use disposables, though, we use 7th generation)

7th generation fabric softerner- on clearance for 3.09 at Kroger. Using a $1.50 off coupon I downloaded online for any 7th generation laundry product, we got this for $1.59.
I didn't buy this one because I don't dye my hair, but Target has a 5.00 off coupon for the new John Freida foam hair color. Stacked with the 5.00 off coupon that was in this Sunday's paper, you can get them for 1.99 at Target (retail 11.99)

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