Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The past 3 weeks....

I can't belive it has been 3 weeks since I have posted...I am such a slacker. In my defense, though, we have been crazy busy.

Logan is finally over his ear infections and virus. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will stay well for a while. It seems like we are in the doctors office every month for something or the other. His teeth seem to be bothering him today. He has a runny nose and is super fussy. Teething is the worst.

He is growing up so fast. He wants to crawl so bad he cant stand it. He can get up on his hands and knees, but just doesn't know what to do after that. But he can pivot and roll all the way across the room. Over these past few weeks he has also learned to hold his own bottle, drink from a sippy cup, and has started eating meats. I really can't believe it.

This week we have really been working on our landscaping and garden. I have a little vegetable garden on the side of the house. Before last summer, I had never grown a thing in my life. I guess it was part of my nesting kicking in, but I really wanted to grow one. So i had my brother in law till me a little patch of land and I planted some things. We didn't really eat much from it last year, but I have high hopes for a better garden this year. I now know what we will actually eat and what we will not. I also hope to use it to make some of Logan's food. We shall see. This year, I planted onions, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, green and red peppers, sugar snap peas, lettuce, spinach and cucumbers. We also planted a little herb garden right outside of our bedroom window. I will post pictures in a few weeks when things are actually starting to grow.

I am also oh-so-excited to announce that my best friend, Amanda, has finally started cloth diapering!! And she loves it! I have a couple other people that I am trying to convince as well...I really feel like if people knew how easy it was and realized how much money they could save, everyone would cloth diaper. If you have questions about it, feel free to email me. I love to talk about it :) Here is sweet Lylah Anne  in her new BumGenius Artist series cloth diapers:

Isn't she adorable? 


  1. What meats is Logan eating?? Abigail is eating stage 2 baby food (I buy it, I have no time to make it) and I have buoght some that have chicken and turkey mixed with veggies, but she hasn't had any "Table" foods yet. I am so clueless at being a first time mom!!

  2. I actually have only used jar meats... I haven't made any yet. He eats turkey and chicken with veggies..haven't tried beef yet.

  3. O Okay, I wasn't sure!! Abigail LOVES sweet potatoes and turkey, or with chicken, that comes in a jar. We have meats with gravy that someone gave me...but she doesn't seem to enjoy those as much.