Friday, June 17, 2011

We have a Crawler

We have had some technical difficulties around here, so I haven't been able to blog lately. During a storm last week, lightning came through the electrical lines and fried our computer and router. So not only did we not have our desktop, but we couldn't use the wireless either. We got it fixed, though AND I finally got my laptop fixed after about a year of it being broken...So hopefully I will be able to blog much more frequently. I just hope all of my pictures were not lost in the process. Thank goodness I have the hospital pics backed up and a lot of the others on my facebook.

Logan has finally started crawling on Sunday! He is still doing the army crawl thing, but he can pretty much get wherever he wants now. He has also learned how to sit up by himself. I went to get him up the other morning and he was just sitting in his crib playing. He is growing up so fast. In just a few short weeks he will be 9 months old. I could almost have another one by now...I would be crazy...but it is possible. We really want to wait probably at least another year or so before we start trying again. Logan is keeping me on my toes as it is.

People keep asking me if he is talking yet...He makes noises constantly, but no real words. My husband told me the other night that he was going to say "dada" first ....Logan looked at him right after he said it and said "dadadada"... Coincidence I am sure :) He is such a Daddy's boy. When Tyler comes in during the day he smiles and reaches for him. He cries when he leaves the room. They say boys normally love their Mama's more, but I don't know about it...

On the business front..I have started making earrings! I want to expand beyond baby things and make other gifts as well. Here is my favorite pair, made from Michael Miller's Birds of Norway material. Adorable and one of a kind.

You can purchase a pair in my Etsy shop for just $6!

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