Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Baskets for Infants

I have always been really into holidays. I always get my little sisters and Tyler an Easter basket, and everyone gets a stocking at Christmas too. Even the dog gets a stocking. I think it is because my Mom always did such a good job with holidays when I was younger. I always had the coolest stuff in my Easter baskets.

This year will be my first Easter I get to make a basket for my little man. I know that he won't really be interested in any of it, but I am excited none the less. Want to know what he is getting in his Easter basket?

A Sophie Giraffe! Sophie, if you have never met her, is an amazing natural teether for babies. She squeaks, she tastes good, and she is perfect for little baby hands.

A very hungry caterpillar rattle. We love the book and have the stuffed animal as well.

An organic bunny lovie from Under The Nile.

AND I am hoping to get him a little sapling toy. Hopefully they will be in stock at our local store because I do not have time to get it shipped. They plant a tree for every toy sold. You can even get them personalized in their Etsy shop.

He is also getting some babylegs, some sleepers and onesies, and some bubbles :)

 A little overboard for a 7 month old? Maybe...but I told you I love holidays. What are you putting in your kids' Easter baskets?

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