Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Wreaths

Since it has finally warmed up, I am getting into Spring cleaning mode and wanted to do a little decorating. My mom is a florist, so she has access to a floral supply house in Lexington. I went yesterday and picked out some stuff to make a few wreaths and decorate my tree for spring. My mom came over last night and helped me put my wreaths together. Here is our finished product:

The left one is quite a bit smaller and I did it by myself, the larger one my mom helped with. I think they turned out pretty good. I love the ribbon. It is burlap kind of material and comes in a bunch of different colors. And I am really into birds and nests for Spring. These lovelies will go on my front and side doors.

My house is not country at all, and is decorated pretty modern, but I think I make this tree work. Its the only one I have like it in my house. For Fall and Christmas, it is decorated super modern with all kinds of sparkly things on it. For Spring, I used birds nests, sparkly butterflies (these stay on pretty much year round) and little birds that I got from Hobby Lobby. Here is a close of of the butterflies:

and I found these cute little birds at Home Goods a couple weeks back. The moss heart is from the floral supply house. I had no idea what I would do with it, but it looks pretty good propped up behind my birds.

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  1. After looking at this tree over and over...I have decided that the tulle just isnt cutting it. I may have to get something new to wrap around it...Maybe green burlap ribbon like what is on the wreaths?