Saturday, July 23, 2011

Logan's First Beach Trip

Last week we took Logan to the beach for the first time. We decided to drive for the first time in years because airline tickets are so expensive right now. It was a 12 hour drive, both ways, and he was an angel. We stopped in Alabama on the way down, and since he had slept most of the car ride, he didn't sleep much at all that night. Maybe an hour. It was miserable but he slept the rest of the car ride the next day. I would rather get no sleep than deal with a screaming child in the car for 12 hours. 

We stayed at the beach all day every day. He loved playing in the sand and kept trying to eat it. My mother in law got him a little blow up pool that we took down every day and he would sit underneath the umbrella and play in the water. He even liked the ocean and wasn't scared of the waves at all. 

I couldn't have asked for him to be any better. He was so good the entire time. He even took his naps on the beach most days. We took him with us to play putt-putt golf one evening and took him on his first carousel and train rides. 

He also cut a second tooth while we were there and learned how to clap. He seems to learn a new trick every week. This week he has learned to shake his head "no" (even though he doesn't know what he is doing) and he has finally started crawling up on his knees! I can't believe that he will be one in just two short months! 

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  1. So Cute!! I only live 30 minutes from the beach (Ocean City, Maryland), but our weekends have been so hectic this summer since my hubby is away during the week and home on weekends, we haven't been able to take Abigail yet. She has the same pool just different designs on it! She also has learned to clap in the past few weeks... it's neat how close they are... too bad you live in KentuckY!! :) Looks like he had a great time on the beach though- I hope when I get Abigail there, she is just as content!!