Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Used Cloth Diapers: $2 Econobum's on Craigslist!

Occasionally I look on Craigslist to see if anyone locally has any diapers for sale. Not like we need any more..just curious really. A couple of weeks ago, I found a sweet deal on Econobum's. They were barely used and a lady sold me 4 of them for $10! They are the new ones with colored trim, too. Plus she gave me 5 old Bumgenius OS diapers for free! Yeah, thats right...FREE! She said that the BG's had been through 3 kids, but still had a lot of wear left in them. Perfect to use as backup diapers. I gave some to a friend who had just started cloth diapering, and kept a couple for myself.

Now, I have never used prefolds before, but I just couldn't pass up $2 diapers. And they were in perfect condition. Barely used, really. They aren't that much different to use than pockets or all in ones. You just have to fold the diaper and lay it inside the cover. I did find that it was a little difficult getting it folded right, but I think I just about have it figured out. They are very absorbent and even work well at night.

I realize that buying used cloth diapers sounds really gross, but you can clean them really well. I let mine soak overnight in Rockin Green. Then, I washed them in hot water several times without any soap. After I washed them I let them dry out in the sun for a couple of hours. If they have any stains, this will get rid of them. Then you are good to go! Buying used is a very economical way to get started cloth diapering or to help build your stash. The more diapers you have in rotation, the longer they will last.

A couple of great websites for purchasing used cloth diapers:
- Craigslist 
- Diaper Swappers 
- Ebay
- The Diaper Jungle Forum 

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