Monday, October 24, 2011

Logan's Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party

My little man's first birthday has come and gone....It makes me a little sad to know he only has a little while left to be a baby. I procrastinated a little in planning his party. I should have started a couple of months beforehand, but I only had a few weeks to get everything together. We threw him a Dr. Suess themed birthday party at our house with 60(!) of our closet friends and family. I found a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, so I thought I would share a few of the details. 

The Food:

We originally were only going to serve snacks, but we ended up doing a whole meal. Everything served had a Seuss inspired name. We served "Thing 1 and Thing 2 BBQ" (BBQ sandwiches), "Poodles with Noodles" (Mac and Cheese), "Yot in a Pot" (Baked Beans), "Praries of Prax"(Coleslaw), "Green Eggs and Ham" (Rolled deli ham and deviled eggs, dyed green), "Truffula Fruits" (fruit skewers), "Cheese Trees"(Cheese cubes served on styrofoam trees), "Diffendoofer Salad" (Potato Salad), and "One Fish Two Fish, Goldfish" (Goldfish crackers served in a fish bowl.  We also served "Pink Ink Yink Drink" (Pink Lemonade) and "Beezlenut Splash" (Sweet Tea) for beverages. I had custom water bottle wrappers made for the bottled water.

Cake and Sweets Table:

The cake was a three tiered cake made to look like one I saw online. I loved all of the colors and patterns. I also had a little "Cat in the Hat" smash cake for Logan to eat all by himself. We had a variety of other sweet treats on the sweets table with the cake. I made marshmallow pops dipped in chocolate, "Hop on Popcorn" (Paper cones filled with sweet popcorn), "Who Pudding", "Star Bellied Sneetch Treats" (Rice Krispie Treats) and "Horton's Fluff" (cupcake liners filled with cotton candy).

Table Decor: 

For the tables, I alternated red and turquoise tablecloths and paper goods. I placed all of the plates, utensils, cups, and napkins on the tables. I wrapped the utensils in matching napkins tied with bakers twine. I Dr. Seuss coloring pages were placed on all of the tables for the kiddos to color while the parents were fixing their plates. Two of the tables had a Dum Dum sucker tree centerpiece, two had hand painted pots with pinwheels, and one table had a centerpiece made from Dr. Seuss books and a "Sam I Am" stuffed animal. Dr. Seuss silly bands, books, and candy bars with custom wrappers were scattered on the tables. For the sucker tree centerpieces, I used plaster of paris to hold a painted dowel rod in a painted pot. I stuck a styrofoam ball on the top of the dowel rod and covered in suckers. If you attempt to make these, please note that it takes a lot of suckers. There are over 400 in the 2 centerpieces I made. For the pinwheel centerpieces, I filled painted pots with play sand. I made pinwheels from old Dr. Seuss book pages and attached them to dowel rods and placed them in the sand. I covered the sand with paper shred. 

Other Decorations: 

To place over the food tables, I made a photo banner with pictures from Logan's first year of life. There is one from each month from birth to 12 months. I attached them to a ribbon using smaller ribbon and a hole punch. We had this sign (and one that was at the driveway) made. I made the tissue poms from tissue paper using a Martha Stewart tutorial. It is a lot harder than it looks. I had originally planned on making 6-8 to hang from the ceiling, but I ran out of time. 

We had a welcome table and a table for gifts at the entryway to the house. The welcome table had a copy of Dr. Seuss's "Happy Birthday to You!" that we used as a guestbook. We also had a guessing game and a framed copy of the invitation on this table. 

I made this "One" banner for his high chair using old book pages and my Cricut machine. There was also another banner like this with his name in the dining room, but we didn't get a picture of it. I also made his party hat :)

For the entryway: I printed some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and attached them to colorful cardstock. I used tulle to hang them from the ceiling. 


Since most of the kids we know are pretty young, we didn't do any games. But we did have a giant inflatable slide and two little bouncy houses! And since it was during the beginning of the fall season, we decided to do a little hayride for the kiddos. They had a blast! 

We had such a great turn out! All of our family and friends were here to celebrate our little man's big day! I can't believe he is growing up so fast! He is learning new things every day and has such a big personality! 

We love you, mister! 


  1. cute! I love that you made a huge print of him on the wall. gorgeous!

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  3. How did you make his party hat?! I love it!

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