Thursday, September 15, 2011

We've Got Some Catching Up To Do...


I have obviously been slacking on the blog front. These past few months have been insanely busy. I thought life would get easier and slow down a little as Logan got older, but I was mistaken :) Now that he is mobile, I am constantly chasing him around and he keeps me pretty busy. Nap time is spent trying to catch up on housework and sewing, so I haven't really had the time to blog.

Logan has had so many milestones this summer...He can now say "bye-bye", "ball", "da-da", occasionally "ma-ma" and most recently "ach-oo." He is so funny. He can walk pushing a walker, he can stand up and walk around the table. He climbs everything. He can clap. He can high-five. He can comb his hair. He is like a little sponge, learning new things every day. Every day is an adventure and he makes me laugh a million times a day.

On the down side, he has also had ear infections and we have had several sleepless nights. Most recently, he has been on an antibiotic for a bad infection and has been acting like a little monster. Throwing fits and screaming. I think its the medicine (Bactrim), but the pediatrician says he might just be coming into his own personality. Lord help me if thats true.

I can not believe that he will be ONE in 2 weeks! I have been busy planning a big Dr. Seuss party for him. Here is a little bit of my inspiration:

There are so many adorable Dr. Seuss parties out there in blog land and I have got a ton of great ideas. I cant wait to share ours!

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  1. Wow, that is great that he is saying words already!!!! I am trying SO VERY HARD with Abigail but she just babbles...sometimes she will babble dada but not sure if she knows what that really means yet... I hope his ear infections get better, and I certainly hope that he is not "coming into his own" personality, I hope it's just the meds!!! Abigail will be 1 year old just 2 weeks from Saturday- our little ones are only just a few weeks apart! Goood luck with the birthday party festivities- looks like it will be a great time!!!